Kings Island’s New Mystic Timbers! – Is it Worth Riding?

I got the chance to visit Kings Island in Mason, OH last weekend! While I was there, I rode their new GCI wooden coaster, Mystic Timbers four times!

The new coaster was manufactured by GCI, or Great Coasters International and opened in April of 2017, making it Kings Island’s newest attraction.

The coaster didn’t take anything’s place, instead, lots of trees were taken down.

Photos of the areas that used to be filled with trees, where Mystic Timbers now sits.

The coaster was build in the forests which gives it its wood and forest themes.

Personally, when they said it was themed to wood, I thought that they were just theming the ride to itself, which in my opinion, isn’t theming.

At the beginning of the 2016 season, there were fences around the area with some trees that had already come down. The area behind the fence that was visible now is the queue line and station of the ride.

The coaster was announced in August of 2016. People were speculating what the new attraction would be. I honestly thought they would build a Giga coaster, but then towards the beginning of July 2016, I thought it would be a GCI wooden coaster!

Once the attraction was announced, everyone was hyped up about #WhatsInTheShed!

At the announcement, the park announced that at the end of the ride, the train would enter “the shed” of the Miami River Lumber Co. which the story behind the ride says they built the ride!

Once I rode the ride, I thought the shed was cool, but they hyped it WAY TOO MUCH! It did disappoint, however that didn’t take away from the ride experience for me!

The ride starts off with a right turn from the station and then you ascend the109-foot lift hill.

After the lift hill, you turn to the left and then drop 98 feet. The drop is curved which definitely is better than the ordinary straight drop!

After the drop, you go through the forest and encounter 16 airtime hills which really adds to the intensity of the ride! You also encounter a tunnel which turns to then goes straight back to the station! That makes it an out-and-back coaster.

The ride is 3,265 feet long and reaches a top speed of 53 miles per hour.

Then you enter the shed. The shed basically has some tree leaves and some other cool things inside. The main part of the shed is the screen before you enter the station with either a bat, snake, trees, or some other forest creature.

The ride is definitely worth riding and is super intense and an awesome ride!

So if you get a chance sometime, go down to Kings Island in Mason, OH to check out this ride!


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