Sights of Cedar Point! – August 2017

While I visited Cedar Point yesterday, I captured some sights of Cedar Point! Just some photos of some of the things you can see at Cedar Point! Enjoy!

The flower bed by the Main Midway with Sky Ride over it and GateKeeper in the background!

Raptor, an inverted coaster’s first 100-feet vertical loop which during the time the photo was taken, the ride was closed due to high winds.

Blue Streak, the park’s classic wooden coaster! It is the oldest coaster in the park, debuting back to 1964!

Valravn, the park’s dive coaster which is currently the tallest, fastest, & longest dive coaster in the world!

The HalloWeekends vehicle which appears at the beginning of August to tease the parks new attractions and to get people to come back during that time!

I just can’t tell you what these are! But, I’ll give you a hint! You might just see these in mid-September in FrontierTown!

Also, if you want to find out what the photos that I said I can’t tell you are, make sure to stay tuned for a new YouTube video explaining what they are and more new things coming and leaving for HalloWeekends 2017 at Cedar Point!

I had an amazing time during my visit and please make sure to leave a comment if you enjoy the park sight blog posts and if you do, I will make sure to make more!


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