Pipe Scream at Cedar Point – A Debate on Why It’s Not a Coaster!

Pipe Scream is a flat ride at Cedar Point! The ride is a children/kid ride that goes up two slopes and one airtime hill! Sounds like a coaster, right? Well, it isn’t! To be a coaster you have to have a way to gain energy to complete the course! Whether it is a launch with magnets, a chain lift hill, or a cable lift hill! Certain coasters have something built into them that brings them along their track! But it is still a coaster! This isn’t because it doesn’t have roller coaster track or roller coaster trains! Cedar Point calls it a coaster to boost their number of coasters which is important to them because in the past they were in the lead! Currently, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA has the lead!
They are trying to catch up, however, Pipe Scream doesn’t count! Sorry, Cedar Point.

Pipe Scream in action in 2014, the first year the flat ride opened!

In conclusion, with all of the supporting evidence of what a coaster and a flat ride is, we know that Pipe Scream is not a coaster!


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