Cedar Point’s is Announcing RMC Mean Streak on National Roller Coaster Day 2017!

Cedar Point finally announced that they would be telling us what will come to Cedar Point in 2018 on August 16th, 2017 which is National Roller Coaster Day at Noon! We all know it is RMC Mean Streak! Most people know Cedar Point doesn’t like to tell us what is happening for their next season or for HalloWeekends for the current season, however, it was pretty obvious that an RMC ride was coming! And I know what you’re thinking, how obvious, and how do you know?! Well, first off, RMC, or Rocky Mountain Construction is a company who transforms old and rough wooden coasters into brand-new like smooth hybrid coasters. A hybrid coaster has steel on the track and has wooden supports! Second off, we started seeing trucks with the RMC logo and advertisement on them! We also started seeing RMC track when you drove around the peninsula! Another sign of it during closure in mid-September was pink paint markers on the footers of the supports, which indicates that support would be removed. It only showed up on specific supports, and specific footers are taken out from RMC rides to form the new ride layout. And when people asked Cedar Point officials, they said stuff like: “What are you talking about,?” “I don’t see that,” “It’s being demolished.” To a point it is okay, but later during the construction process, they have hidden it too much for how much evidence we have. But they finally announced that it would be announced on August 16th, National Roller Coaster Day! The announcement will take place in FrontierTown and will include all details of the coaster! I am very excited for the new coaster and I will be at the announcement!

A photo of the ride from the top of the Maverick coaster station!

The ride looks absolutely INSANE, and is looking to be 200 feet tall, have at least 3 inversions, and be super intense, aggressive, & a crowd pleaser!

Stay tuned for a construction update of the ride with pictures of it coming soon to this blog and a YouTube video of the FrontierTown Hootenanny Live!


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