Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point – Race For the Sky

Top Thrill Dragster: Cedar Point’s tallest & fastest coaster! This ride is an amazing ride and is 420 feet with a drop of 400 feet reaching a top speed of 120 miles per hour, which it reaches during its launch! The first time I rode this was in 2014, and in fact, I was terrified. It wasn’t until 2015 when I was comfortable riding new rides and not getting scared. The ride starts off at the station which is themed to a race car, which the ride is themed to it too! It is themed to Top Fuel Dragster, a race car and instead of fuel, it is thrill! In my opinion, it is a very clever name and I think the same of the slogan, “Race for the Sky!” The ride then enters it’s launching area where the riders are shown lights to prepare for takeoff, which is sometimes off with the actual launch! Sometimes, the light goes green but the ride still hasn’t launched yet!

The ride launches to 120 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds! But don’t look too scared! Your picture is taken during the launch! After the launch, the ride starts to go up its lift hill where it turns around the height of 300 feet and then it goes over the top hat and then starts to go down where at 300 feet it twists! The ride then slows down, which it takes your picture during the coaster’s deceleration! The ride then returns to the unloading area, which isn’t it’s station which actually helps capacity because there are only 4 trains, which means two trains at a time because remember, two are preparing for launch which then returns to unloading and two are then going to soon launch!

The ride only takes 18 people per car, which is lower than most roller coasters! The ride is only 17 seconds long, but is definitely worth the wait if you’re here! If it is a long wait, you might not want to wait because it breaks down normally every 2 hours because there are thousands of things that can go wrong with this ride including thousands of components!

Top Thrill Dragster accelerating during its launch before going up the 420-foot top hat! Photo by The Unofficial Cedar Point Wiki

I really recommend this ride if you’re looking for a good thrill! As it can be scary the first time you ride it, if you like it you can ride it again and again like a pro!


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