Sights of Cedar Point! – September 2017

I decided after many requests to do another Sights article. This time it is Sights of Cedar Point in September 2017! Enjoy!

The Albert train that used to run on the CP & LE Railroad!

Pony Rides which are offered for a $5 dollar charge along the Frontier Trail!

Millennium Force, Cedar Point’s 310-foot coaster!
This chicken and many other animals can be located at The Barnyard along Frontier Trail!
Wave Swinger, a children/family ride in FrontierTown!

Fearground Freakshow, a mew haunted maze at HalloWeekends, Cedar Point’s Halloween event!

This wagon has tons of pumpkins on and around it and is ready for HalloWeekends!

Thank you for checking this out! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of Cedar Point’s Sights in September! Stay tuned because later this month and next month there will be articles on sights at HalloWeekends!


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