Sights of Cedar Point! – September 2017

I decided after many requests to do another sights article this time for September 2017! Enjoy!

The Albert train that used to run on the CP & LE Railroad!

Pony Rides which are offered for a $5 dollar charge along the Frontier Trail!

Millennium Force, Cedar Point’s 310-foot coaster!
This chicken and many other animals can be located at The Barnyard along Frontier Trail!
Wave Swinger, a children/family ride in FrontierTown!

Fearground Freakshow, a mew haunted maze at HalloWeekends, Cedar Point’s Halloween event!

This wagon has tons of pumpkins on and around it and is ready for HalloWeekends!

Thank you for checking this out! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of Cedar Point’s Sights in September! Stay tuned because later this month and next month there will be articles on sights at HalloWeekends!


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