Iron Dragon at Cedar Point September 2017 Review

The Iron Dragon at Cedar Point is a great first ride! I am going to review the rides and break it up into categories and each category is rated out of 10 and then we total the ride up for the ride’s final score!

A photo of the Iron Dragon taken in June 2017!

Height: 7/10

I think Iron Dragon’s height is great for a starter coaster but for a Suspended coaster I think it can be at least 100 feet tall.

Drop: 8/10

I think the drop is okay because I don’t like how it reaches over but then it drops at an angle.

Speed: 9/10

I think the ride would be less rough if the ride’s speed was 5-7 miles per hour lower.

Design: 7/10

I think the ride was designed okay but there are lots of things that the ride’s design could be improved on.

Length: 10/10

I think the ride’s length is good and not too long or too short.

Duration: 10/10

I think the duration is perfect for this type of coaster!

Capacity: 6/10

I think the capacity is okay because there are only 2 trains when there should be 3 especially with 2 lift hills.

Operations: 4/10

Operations on this ride are terrible. This ride has had an hour and a half wait because it took them 5-7 minutes to dispatch.

Trains: 7/10

The trains are okay but are very uncomfortable because there are no seat or back pads on the seats.

Smoothness: 6/10

The ride is not very smooth which impacts the overall ride experience.

Iron Dragon final rating is: 74/100 which is a C! Overall is an okay ride.


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