Floater and Ejector Airtime – What’s the Difference

A common question for people on roller coasters is what is the difference between floater and ejector airtime.

In this article, I will be explaining each and telling how they impact the experience on a roller coaster!

First up, we have floater airtime! This is the airtime that makes some people sick. Wondering why you get sick on a roller coaster? This may be why. Floater airtime means that you get the floating feeling in your stomach going through an element. This is because the train is going so fast through many different elements, that gravity keeps you in the train and your body doesn’t have enough time to realize what is happening. This causes your stomach to float because gravity is pushing and pulling the train down at a high velocity. This impacts the ride experience for some because it can cause someone to feel sick due to the quickness of this feeling.

Next up, we have ejector airtime! This is the airtime where you actually rise up out of your seat. This is because gravity pushes you down very slowly, in which you have time to realize it and then rise up and then back down once the pushing down stops. This is, in my opinion, the best airtime because it gives you a much experience during the element!


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