What to Expect in Deprivation – HalloWeekends Haunt at Cedar Point 2017

What should you expect in Deprivation, Cedar Point’s new haunted house for HalloWeekends 2017? This article will give you an idea of what to expect when you are going inside the maze.

When this article was made, I have not yet experienced the maze, but the weekend when the article came out is the time when I will be going back to HalloWeekends and experiencing the maze for myself! When you go inside the maze, it is totally dark and the monsters, the people who scare you have night vision glasses on so they can see you.

It is totally dark which is easier for them to scare you, however, I think that when the maze has props and different rooms it is better, but that is just my opinion. The maze is a different maze because it is actually a maze. Most of the other mazes are called mazes but they are haunted houses and you don’t actually have to find your way out; you can see things and it isn’t hard to find your way out. This should be called a haunted house maze. You yourself have to find your way out. This is a very fun way to experience a maze at HalloWeekends in my opinion. I think it is unique and I look forward to trying it!


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