Fearground Freakshow and Deprivation at Cedar Point October 2017 – My Thoughts

I finally had a chance to experience the Fearground Freakshow and Deprivation last Sunday at HalloWeekends! I am going to be sharing my thoughts on them. This is a new category: My Thoughts! This is where I share my opinion on something but it isn’t a review of it.

First, I have to say out of the two I like Fearground Freakshow better.

They are both okay mazes and I really wish they kept the old ones.

Fearground Freakshow is not scary at all and all they do is act like freaks. It really isn’t a good maze.

Deprivation is very stupid in my opinion. It is just a blackout maze and I hate those mazes because you can’t see a thing and have to find your way out.

Fearground Freakshow replaced Eternity Infirmary, an asylum maze which did need to be replaced since it has been there for more than a few years.

Eden Musee really didn’t need to be replaced because it opened in 2012 which means it was only open for 5 years. It was a great haunted maze and I really enjoyed it!

So, if you want to try them you can but they are not that good as the other ones.

Here are my ratings of the haunted houses in order. 1 is the best, 5 is the worst.

  1. G.A. Boeckling’s Eerie Estate
  2. Zombie High School
  3. Hexed
  4. Slaughter House
  5. Fearground Freakshow
  6. Deprivation

For more information on HalloWeekends, visit https://www.halloweekends.com!


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