Sights of Cedar Point! – October 2017

Now that HalloWeekends is in full swing and only has 3 weekends left including this one, it is time to do a sights article! But this time you will see TONS of photos taken around the park!


Rougarou, Cedar Point’s Floorless coaster! It stands 145 feet tall with a drop of 137 feet and a vertical loop of 100 feet!


Millennium Force, Cedar Point’s Giga coaster which stands 310 feet above the ground! It delivers a spectacular view of the Shores & Islands by Lake Erie!



Assorted things you can find along the Frontier Trail!


Things you can see in Cedar Point’s old west town, FrontierTown!



Harvest Fear, a new outdoor scare zone for HalloWeekends 2017!

Cedar Creek Mystic Mine Ride, a themed version of the Cedar Creek Mine Ride for HalloWeekends! #whatsintheshed



The Great Pumpkin Spectacular near Top Thrill Dragster! You can see over 1,000 carved and real pumpkins!



Blood on the Bayou, an outdoor scare zone near Power Tower!


Dead Rock Cemetery near Corkscrew, a place to remember all the famous rock stars of the past!


You can find these cool displays near the Main Midway!

Thank you for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed this Sights article! I tried to find some neat photo spots! I got a lot of really good shots and I hope you liked seeing Sights of Cedar Point in October 2017!


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