WinterFest – An Event Returning to Kings Island Soon!

If you live in the area near Cincinnati, Ohio, you should definitely check out Winterfest at Kings Island! WinterFest is an event at Kings Island opening in the end of November through the end of December! The event includes tons of winter activities at Kings Island! Read this article to learn about some of these activities and to learn more about the event!

Watch this quick video below to see a little bit of what WinterFest used to be like and similar to what it will be like this year!

Tickets to the event are only $25 dollars! This is a great price for how many things there is to do at this event!

  • 15 shows
  • 17 rides open including the new Mystic Timbers
  • Ice Skating on the Royal Fountains
  • Pictures in a snow globe
  • Decorating cookies with Mrs. Claus

There are many more activities and things to do as well so you should come to Kings Island and check it out! I will be visiting at the end of December and I am so excited to see the park like this and ride my favorite coaster at Kings Island, the all-new Mystic Timbers!

To buy tickets, see the calendar, and learn more about the attractions and festivities, check out this page:!


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