Lightning Rod at Dollywood – Why is it Hardly Ridden?

Lightning Rod at Dollywood! A ride the people who have had a chance to ride are very lucky. This ride opened in 2016 at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN! The ride is an amazing RMC coaster with plenty of airtime to please anyone who rides it! But, why is it hardly ridden? It has some mechanical issues that cause the ride to shut down which adds to its downtime. Why is this bad you ask? It is bad because since it is normally always shut down and it always has a really long line because people who come visit after visit probably haven’t ridden it yet. This problem has decreased over the year but it still is a repetitive problem. I am going to Dollywood next summer and hopefully, I will be able to ride it! Since I am going for 2 days at least I will have a chance to ride it! The chances of riding this ride for 1 day each is 40% which for a ride is very unlikely. Like for Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, it is a 60% chance and GateKeeper is a 90% chance. As you can tell, the chances of riding this ride are very unlikely. Hopefully, for the 2018 season, this ride will have a higher chance of being able to ride it!


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