Midnight Syndicate Live at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends – My Thoughts

I got a chance to watch the Midnight Syndicate show and it was very cool to see! But, is it worth a visit to spend 30 minutes of your day watching it? In this review, I will be sharing my personal thoughts on the show in this review and assigning this show a final score as this review will not be based on categories.

The show is based on spirits who show up and do strange things to things and are seeking revenge! The show is based on 2 detectives trying to track these spirits who were at the building of the original show that was immediately torn down after! They apparently moved to this building of the current show and the detectives were trying to track them!

I like how creative the show is and the sound and light effects, but it wasn’t that great of a show and didn’t have many songs or anything like that.

Overall I rate the show a 6/10 which is a D. I recommend trying this show, however.


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