Coaster to Coaster Blog Announcement!

Today I have an exciting announcement to make about the Coaster to Coaster Blog! I will now be posting blogs 3 times a week! However, there is one catch. Since the holidays are coming up and I will be super busy preparing, there may be a week or two where I can’t possibly do 3 a week. It also varies depending on each week. Also note this schedule is for the winter only, since during the summer I have no set number of blog posts per week. The reason for the summer schedule is because since I travel to amusement/theme parks, it depends on when I have time to upload videos.

Also, as the winter season is arriving, I would like to announce the series that will be continuing with often blog posts throughout the winter! Anyone listed bolded in red will be occurring very frequently throughout the winter!

  • Advice
  • Coaster Information
  • Coaster Terms
  • Construction Update
  • Debate
  • News
  • My Thoughts

Thank you for reading this blog post! I greatly appreciate it! If you have any questions about these changes, please leave a comment on this blog post! Thanks!


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