Amusement Parks & Theme Parks – What’s the Difference?

Someone recently asked me what the difference is between an amusement and theme park! I thought it was a great question and a lot of times people mix the two up! In this blog post, you will learn the difference of the two so you never get them mixed up!

First off, we have amusement parks! I like to think of amusement parks as carnivals! They have rides and attractions! They have shows, food, and entertainment!

Secondly, we have theme parks! I like to think of theme parks as Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL! The resort has tons of things to do including rides, shows, food, entertainment, hotels, and themed areas! It is more themed areas and attractions rather than just rides!

The difference between the two is an amusement park is more of just rides. A theme park is more themed and not just the rides! It has more attractions and is more like a resort!

You will also find that when you read some top amusement/theme parks articles on the web, people often get amusement and theme parks confused! You cannot have Walt Disney World and Cedar Point together in a list if it is just amusement or theme parks. Unless it says top amusement & theme parks which normally doesn’t happen. Any article that will do this (very few) will have false comparisons. You CANNOT and this is important for understanding the two, compare amusement and theme parks for rankings in a top list. They are so different, it doesn’t make sense to do so. The only time permitted is if it is a battle to see which is better, but even for battles it is best to not compare the opposites.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned the difference between the two and learned the rules of comparing them!


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