Holiwood Nights 2018 at Holiday World Event Infrormati

Holiwood Nights at Holiday World is an event you won’t want to miss!

The event is from June 1st to June 2nd at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN.

Holiwood Nights are open to 12 coaster club members, but you can go with a club as a guest!

The clubs are listed below as well as a link to their website:

The event price is lower if you are a season pass! Also if you are only going from 4:30 p.m. on Friday to the park, it is also discounted!

Park admission is INCLUDED with the event price!

T-Shirts for the event are also available to be purchased (extra cost).

The event includes meals, exclusive tours, ERT, and more!

For the event schedule or other helpful information, visit the HoliWood Nights page on Holiday World’s website here: https://www.holidayworld.com/shows-events/holiwood-nights

Thank you for reading! This blog post makes up the one I missed last week because my power was out and I forgot about it.

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