Is Fury 325 Better Than Millennium Force?! – Debate

Is Fury 325 better than Millennium Force?! This is a very juicy debate as most people have different opinions about the subject! In my opinion, Fury 325 is more intense and provides more unique elements! Millennium Force is okay, I think it is overrated and it doesn’t have that good of elements, and it is also rough. Fury 325 opened later, so that gives Millennium Force credit for opening 14 years before it. But overall, it still is beaten by Fury 325. Also, if you think Millennium Force is better than Fury 325, read more.

According to the 2016 and 2017 Golden Ticket Awards voted by amusement/theme park experts, Fury 325 takes the majority of the percent! That means that people think it is better than Millennium Force!

You must have experienced both coasters before you will choose which is better.

However, with things in place like awards and more, Fury 325 wins the debate!

Fury 325 is located at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What are your opinions? Leave a comment! Oh and just an update, emails sent to me will no longer require to just be related to business. Any emails will be accepted. But don’t spam my email or you will be BLOCKED. My new email is!


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