Toy Story Land is Coming to Walt Disney World & Shanghai Disney!

The Walt Disney Company just recently gave more information and animation photos for the new Toy Story Land! It will be opening at the Hollywood Studios theme park at Walt Disney World resort! It will also be coming to Shanghai Disney! It will open in the summer of 2018! Disney does not have a scheduled opening date in place yet, but they said that they will have it in a few months.

Below are a few newly released images that give you an idea of what it will look like!


An animated photo viewing the Pizza Planet!


The main attraction will be the Slinky Dog coaster! You will sit on a slinky dog designed coaster train! Disney hasn’t released specific details about the coaster. The coaster will go through several twists & turns.

An animated image overhead the Slinky Dog coaster!

There will also be an arcade with THE CLAW inside it and a Buzz Lightyear rocket-themed ride!

pri_61675399 (1)
An animated photo of the arcade which will feature THE CLAW and a Buzz Lightyear rocket-themed ride!

2018 is the perfect year to plan a trip to Walt Disney World with a new Tron themed coaster near Space Mountain, Toy Story Land, and much more! It is also the perfect year to visit Shanghai Disney if you live in the area!


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