Should I Buy a Regular/Gold, or Platinum Pass at my Cedar Fair Park? – Debate

I recently got a question from a reader who said they’re not sure which pass to buy at their home park, California’s Great America! This applies to all Cedar Fair parks, which there are many across the United States of America!

First off, know the following:

  • Prices range differently at different parks depending on the park’s size.
  • There are deals that parks offer until the end of winter.
  • IMPORTANT! Do NOT wait until the week before your park opens to buy your pass or buy your pass at the park. This will save you around $40-60!
  • Each park offers different benefits with their pass. Check your park’s website for the benefits and comparisons.

I am comparing just the benefits all/most parks offer.

For your park’s comparison of the passes, go to the official website for your home Cedar Fair park, click on Tickets and then click on Season Pass Benefits.

Also note: The Pre-K pass is FREE for children ages 3-5 and includes admission to the park and water park (if the park has one). It does not include parking.


Platinum Pass: $198

Season Pass: $137.25

Pre-K Pass: FREE!*

*The pass must be registered by May 29th, 2018 at the children’s home park. It also must be activated at your child’s home park by June 29th, 2018.

Benefits are different at each park, but I recommend the Regular/Gold Pass for most parks that offer most benefits for that pass. Unless you want to visit more than one Cedar Fair park or your home park is as greedy as Cedar Point with hardly any benefits for the regular pass, then I recommend the Platinum Pass!

I hope this is helpful to everyone!


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