What the Word Roller Coaster Means to Me! – My Thoughts

The word roller coaster: what does it mean to me? In this article, I will be sharing my opinion on this and this shows why I love roller coasters so much (the reasoning behind it).

First, I am going to start off on when I started gaining interest in roller coasters so the whole puzzle will fit together.

In 2012, I went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio twice that summer. I went with two friends from southern Ohio! I rode more bigger coasters as I was tall enough too including the Gemini and Disaster Transport! I loved them! I just really liked the sensation they provided.

In 2013, I got a season pass for Christmas in 2012 to visit Cedar Point! This is when I started loving roller coasters. I rode everything except Top Thrill Dragster, Mantis (at the time), and Millennium Force!

In 2014, I rode every roller coaster at Cedar Point! I wasn’t afraid of coasters anymore. Why? I knew that when you have an opportunity to ride one, just ride it and enjoy it! I used to get scared and then enjoyed the ride.

Fast forward to now, where I visit tons of parks each year to ride different coasters and check out attractions.

Now I am going to be talking about what the word means to me.

Have you ever had a feeling you could fly?! Be off the ground and go in cool directions with high speeds, lots of G’s, tons of twists, inversions, drops, and airtime! That’s something you can only experience a roller coaster.

The word roller coaster in my perspective means: my favorite thing that gives me the time of my life with a height where you can see the ground like your a bird in the sky, a drop that makes you want more, twists, turns, inversions, drops, airtime that gives you a one of a lifetime experience!


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