New Coaster to Coaster Branding for 2018!

Coaster to Coaster has an exciting announcement for 2018! I just recently updated my website with a new fresh and modern look! I also added some new pages to the website! I worked very hard on it and it turned out the way I wanted it to! I felt like the website needed a refresh. I worked on it in October with the pages and content, but it really just didn’t look modern enough. I think that every year I will probably change the theme of the website to refresh it for the next year!

I also updated my Twitter, YouTube, and Merch Store banner as well to give it a new look! Just so you know, it is updated before the end of the year, in the summer, during Haunt to Haunt, and after it ends for a total of 4 times per year! I like it that way because I can put my best photos from parks on to refresh it a few times a year!

Please make sure to check out my website and email me your thoughts. Please give me suggestions also: Happy Holidays! Enjoy the time off with family and friends!


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