WinterFest at Kings Island Trip Report – December 30th, 2017

I visited Kings Island’s WinterFest and I really enjoyed it! This is my trip report, a new popular coaster enthusiast blog category! I will write in detail about my trip to an amusement, theme, or water park. Make sure to stay tuned for my sights article coming next Tuesday with photos from my visit!

When I first got to Kings Island, I was very pumped to go. I had been looking forward to experiencing it from the time I heard the announcement in July of 2016! Over a year and a half passed and it was finally time for me to go!

The tree at the entrance was amazing! I thought it was a great first landmark before you entered the park! The entrance looked very cool with a Santa sleigh on top and the entire area was decorated with lights!

My favorite thing about the event is the atmosphere of a regular amusement park! When you visit the park in July, you see an amusement park. You can hear all of the rides operating, see all of the lights, and hear the music around the park. But WinterFest was different! They totally transformed the park with lights, carolers, entertainment, food, and shops!

It isn’t going to be a time of year where there is as much to do as the amusement park, but for living in Ohio this is as good as we’re going to get.

The entrance was my favorite sight of the park. The ice skating in the Royal Fountains, the WinterFest sign, and if it can’t get even better the Eiffel Tower and the Christmas tree!

When I first came in, I checked out a few shops! They were very cool they were full of custom-made items and ornaments!

Unfortunately, the rides were closed because it was really cold. But the Boo Blasters on Boo Hill which if you didn’t know is where the Magical House on Boo Hill idea came from! It isn’t an amazing ride, but it is definitely fun!

Then it was time for the tree lighting! They had a nice show with it which, to be honest, I thought was very good, but I am not a huge fan of the way they sang a song. They sang Jingle Bells and then they cut into Jingle Bell Rock, etc. I like it when they do the entire song much better.

After, I checked out the park and filmed footage and took photos! My favorite part of the event is the different atmosphere of the park you get!

Also, a heads up to the Halloween Haunt Team for 2018: You better step up your game! The WinterFest employees were so cheerful and happy roaming around the park! They really made the experience a lot better! It is definitely a step up from Halloween Haunt!

We ate at the Reds Hall of Fame Grille and I kind of liked how they did it. You got a menu and ordered at the cashier and got your drinks at a station. Then your food was brought out to you wherever you wanted to sit! It definitely saved employees since they are very hard to find during winter. The menu was very limited but I got a corn dog, potato soup, and potato crab fries!

I then saw a show at Fest Haus! It was excellent! It was called Tinker’s Toy Factory! Basically, it was where elves were struggling to get all of the presents ready for Christmas! They needed to hurry up! Tinker made a teddy bear because he liked the old fashioned Christmas! His boss said to make iPhones and Apple Watches instead of that. He didn’t have his Christmas spirit because of it! Finally, he found it when Santa said he could still make it and they made all the presents in time! I thought it was an entertaining show compared to others Cedar Fair Entertainment has produced.

Finally, I walked around the park some more and got some hot cocoa! The mugs give you free refills the night of purchase and $1 refills the rest of the season! Since it was the last day of the season obviously I won’t be able to use it again!

The employees were also very cheerful and the park and events were moving along at a good pace with great operations!

Overall, I really enjoyed the event and I will be visiting several times next year including the weekend the Friday after Thanksgiving! I can’t wait and it is CONFIRMED that it will be returning in 2018, according to Kings Island’s website!


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