Sights of Kings Island’s WinterFest Part 2! – December 2017

I visited Kings Island’s WinterFest on December 30th, 2017! Make sure to check out Part 1 if you haven’t yet! Enjoy Part 2 with more photos from Kings Island’s WinterFest!


Different shots of Kings Island’s Eiffel Tower and Christmas tree!

The Kings Island WinterFest sign welcoming guests to the event!

The entrance all lit up with Santa and his sleigh on top of the roof!

Tinker’s Toy Factory, a show at Kings Island where Tinker lost his Christmas spirit because of the head elf, his boss told him to make electronics instead of a teddy bear. Santa then told him that maybe a traditional Christmas is what he needs and he gets his spirit back! All of the presents are made in time for him to deliver them on Christmas Eve!

An ornament light decoration you can see while walking across the park!

A huge Santa statue along the midway!

An entrance display you see when walking into the Fest Haus!


Colorful trees you can see while walking through the park!

Snowflake Lake where you can ice skate at the park!

Thank you for reading my final sights article for my 2017 WinterFest Trip! Stay tuned for 1 final article where I share My Thoughts on WinterFest!


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