Cedar Point Purchases Properties Along Cleveland Road!

Cedar Point executives are continuing the business outside of the peninsula.

According to the Sandusky Register, official property records show that Cedar Point purchased 8 properties along Cleveland Road by the Thirsty Pony.

What does this mean? This probably means that Cedar Point is looking for other ways to make good use of the property.

So normally when I speculate about Cedar Point I keep it simple and logically realistic.

But, I am going to just say what I really think. I think that these buildings will be used for HalloWeekends costume storage and makeup center. This would be a nice size building for it.

Why, though? I think in 2020 for Cedar Point’s 150th anniversary, they will reopen the Cedar Point Ballroom and transform it!

It is really sad that they have it just being used for a costume storage room and makeup.

It will also bring back memories to the 1970s when this was popular at Cedar Point. I imagine them remodeling the building and then making it into a resturant and show. I think they could charge a ticket for a fancy dinner and live entertainment.

Even though this is out of Cedar Point’s league, I think this would make them different.

After all, Cedar Point is trying to make itself a vacation destination. This would add to that.

If this isn’t true, well then maybe it is just a repair shop or something of that sort. I personally though think that the first analyzed idea was much better.

I hope that you enjoyed this new category, news speculation. Please leave your thoughts or ideas in the comments. I would love to hear them!


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