Kanonen: Is It Coming to Dorney Park?

Today I am speculating about a topic. Kanonen is a steel roller coaster that was located at Liseberg in Sweden. The ride closed at the end of 2016 to make room for a future roller coaster coming to the park.

The ride has recently been sold to an amusement/theme park. It is confirmed that the ride is coming to the United States and being disassembled.

This started speculation that the ride may be coming to Dorney Park. The two previous ideas were that a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster or a GCI would be coming to this park.

Cedar Fair has purchased used thrill rides, but never before a roller coaster.

I think this is very possible though. If Cedar Fair would rather purchase a used ride from another park, it could still fit good at this park.

The ride is a launched roller coaster that uses hydraulic fluid to power the launch. These types of rides have a lot of downtime and are very hard to maintain. Cedar Fair would have to hire and train special crew members for this ride.

An animated version of the ride at Lisberg. The layout features a top hat, turns, airtime hills, and 2 inversions!

Honestly, I don’t really think that Cedar Fair purchased this, but it is a compact ride and could still fit well for the park.

Time will just have to tell. If this were to open, it would open in 2019. I am visiting this park in the summer, so If I spot any track I will make sure to follow up on this if there is any more information on this topic!


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