Types of Inversions on Roller Coasters

If you ride a roller coaster with inversions, there are a lot of different inversions you can experience! In this blog post, you will learn a few types!

Barrel Roll: A barrel roll is a basic corkscrew inversion!

Boomerang: A type of inversion with two half loops connected to each other.

Corkscrew: A corkscrew is a twisting inversion that indeed looks like a corkscrew.

Heartline: An inversion where the center of gravity is designed around the riders heartline.

Interlocking Loops: Two vertical loops that are interlocked or are connected like links on a chain.

Looping Corkscrew: A type of roller coaster that features a corkscrew and a vertical loop.

Wingover: A half corkscrew inversion.

Single Loop: A roller coaster with only one vertical inversion.

Immelman: A diving inversion on an inverted coaster.


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