Millennium Force at Cedar Point – The Future is Riding on It!

Millennium Force is a Giga coaster located at Cedar Point! It opened in 2000! The ride was the first to use the cable lift system which allows a faster lift system.

The ride is 310 feet tall and next to it is Perimeter Road which is where the CP & LE Railroad which is the train at Cedar Point! You get a beautiful breeze and view of Lake Erie!

The ride drops at 300 feet reaching a top speed of 93 miles per hour! The ride then goes through an overbanked turn, followed by a tunnel, airtime hill, overbanked turn, another overbanked turn, smaller airtime hill, followed by one more tunnel, a bump hill, and then an overbanked turn!

It is a great ride especially for how old it is! The ride lasts a total duration of 2 minutes and 0 seconds! The length of the ride is 6,595 feet long!

A photo of Millennium Force descending its 310-foot lift hill!


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