Carowinds’ Camp Snoopy 2018 – News & My Thoughts

Carowinds announced on social media that for 2018, they will be expanding Camp Snoopy. I will be giving my thoughts on this, as I will be visiting the park in late March for the Passholder Preview Night and Opening Day!

Camp Snoopy is a section in the park where all of the kids’ rides and activities themed to peanuts are located, including shows too!

The area is great for any young one going to an amusement park and looking for a thrill for their age, but not too intimidating!

No one was really expecting this announcement, but construction had already begun, as people could see part of it (speculate) construction in the area!

Watch an almost 2-minute quick video showing you what the new attractions will be for this year!

An animated version of the park area, with a map of all of the new attractions and their location!

The new attractions include:

  1. Camp Snoopy Camp Bus
  2. Camp Snoopy Peanuts Trailblazers
  3. Camp Snoopy Kite Eating Tree
  4. Camp Snoopy Woodstock Whirlybirds
  5. Camp Snoopy Pigpens Mud Buggies

Also, improvements to the park include:

Hey Arnold! Taxi Chase will get a new name and color scheme! It will be named Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie and have light blue track and supports!

Flying Ace Aerial Chase will become Kiddy Hawk! It will have a new name and color scheme, light blue track and sand-colored supports!

I think that this will be an amazing improvement for the park! This will attract more families with younger children to the park! It is a great experience to spend a day at an amusement park, a fun activity for the entire family! Kids rides, thrill rides, shows, food, shops, and more! This will make the park a great destination for a variety of attractions & activities for people to enjoy!


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