Thrope Park is adding a Walking Dead Themed Roller Coaster – News & My Thoughts

As if Thrope Park in Surrey, UK didn’t already have enough movie and game related rides, park officials decided to add another one.

The ride is themed from the AMC show, The Walking Dead. Over 7 seasons and 100 episodes of blood & gore from the show’s plot.

According to autoevolution (information was cited to Entertainment Weekly), in the spring riders will get to fully enter Rick Grimes’ world in the ride. There will be special effects, lighting, and smells.

The roller coaster is called The Walking Dead: The Ride and is basically the second version of X: No Way Out.

The themed ride will be definitely a one-of-a-kind ride. The ride was designed by a mid-20-year-old who said that he watched every episode of the AMC series.

Honestly, I think this ride will be a one-of-a-kind experience. For people in the UK who are huge coaster enthusiasts, may or may not enjoy this ride completely. Some people love rides with special effects but this ride is to the extreme. I think people will have mixed opinions on it. The ride will be 50 percent of the equation and the effects will be its own side of the equation. I think, though, this ride is a very cool idea.


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