Top 5 Worst Coasters at Kings Island – March 2018

Today I will be sharing with you my Top 5 Worst Coasters at Kings Island. I hope you enjoy!

Number 5


I don’t hate this ride but it is a little rough at sometimes. Also, the ride type isn’t my favorite.

Invertigo’s cobra roll! Photo by CP Fansite

Number 4

The Bat

I don’t hate this ride but it is like Iron Dragon at Cedar Point, but a bit better. A good ride for a starter, but not for me.

One of the turns in the woods of the Bat! Photo by Traveler Corner

Number 3

Flight of Fear

I actually really enjoy this ride. I love the queue line, I think it is very well themed especially for a Cedar Fair park!

Inside the spaghetti bowl of Flight of Fear! Photo by KI Central

Number 2


I kind of like this ride but I don’t like the fact you are backward and it is a flying coaster. Flying coasters aren’t my favorite but adding the backward part makes me dislike it.

One of the inversions on Firehawk! Photo by Warren County CVB

Number 1


I rode this ride for the credit but absolutely hate it. It is very rough and the restraints are very uncomfortable.

Vortex going through a corkscrew with most of the other elements on the ride in the background! Photo by Kings Island


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