Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers: Why Each of Them are Equally as Good – Debate

Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers are two highly-anticipated roller coasters coming to Cedar Point and Kings Island (both Cedar Fair parks) this year.

However, people have been comparing the two and saying Steel Vengeance is better than Twisted Timbers.

Today I will be doing a debate sharing my side of the story of why each of them is equally as good.

First of all, both rides will be amazing. They are a very good improvement of former Hurler at Kings Dominion and Mean Streak at Cedar Point!

We know from past RMC’s they can be very good.

Now, as in rankings for each park, I’m not sure. I will get the chance to ride both this year and I am very excited for them. I think that they will rank in the top 5 for the park, but not number 1 for Kings Dominion. I personally think that Intimidator 305 will still take the lead.

For the good stuff, they are both equally as good as each other because of the former rides they are coming from.

Hurler was a smaller ride than Mean Streak and they have significantly improved the ride. Steel Vengeance may be a better ride experience, however, they are equally as good compared to their former ride layout.

You can’t really compare Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers fairly unless you take into account the former ride structure.

So while the ride may not be equally as good, the new versions are equal because of the former ride layout.


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