Diomandback at Kings Island March 2018 Review

Diomandback is an amazing B&M Hyper coaster located at Kings Island! Today I will be reviewing the ride in 10 categories!

Height: 10/10

I think the height of the ride is very practical and suits the ride well!

Drop: 10/10

The drop is very good and I think it provides for a good ride. Furthermore, the airtime hills and elements are great as a result of the drop.

Speed: 10/10

The speed is great for this ride, as the ride is still smooth and the speed is controlling so the ride isn’t rough.

Airtime: 9/10

The airtime on this ride is great, but I would like some more ejector airtime rather than just floater.

Length: 9/10

I like the length, but I would have liked the ride to be a little longer especially since after the drop the ride is pretty compact until you go through the water section of the ride.

Duration: 9/10

The duration is pretty good, however, I think that the duration should maybe be like 10-15 seconds longer for a more fulfilling ride.

Capacity: 7/10

The capacity is okay but the operations make the wait even longer, therefore, a few hundred people more would even it out.

Operations: 8/10

The operations on this ride are okay, but I think they could be improved. Really though, operations on this ride are just disappointing.

Trains: 10/10

The trains are very comfortable. Especially with the new upgrade for 2018, I think they will be even more superior and provide an awesome ride experience.

Smoothness: 10/10

The ride in my opinion with my experiences on the ride is crazy smooth. All the elements and stats flow smoothly to make this ride an amazing experience for the rider.

Final Score: 92/100 = A- = Awesome


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