Maverick at Cedar Point March 2018 Review

Maverick is an amazing Intamin Blitz coaster located at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio! I love this ride and since I ride it a lot each season, it is the perfect ride to give my full thoughts on the ride in 10 categories!

Height: 10/10

I think the height of the ride is very good and even though it is only just a little above 100 feet, the launch is great on it!

Drop: 10/10

The drop is AMAZING and I think it provides for a good ride. Furthermore, the airtime inversions and hills (floater) are provided because of the intense drop.

Speed: 10/10

The speed is awesome for the ride and makes it the intense, fun ride that it is!

Inversions: 10/10

The inversions on this ride are great, full of floater airtime, and are very enjoyable.

Length: 10/10

I really like the length as it suits the ride well, especially since it is over water and takes up a lot of land!

Duration: 8/10

The duration is great, but I wish it was a little longer. It just feels too short when you ride it.

Capacity: 7/10

The capacity is okay as the trains are very small which makes the wait absolutely ridiculous.

Operations: 9/10

The operations on this ride are pretty good. They could be a little better, especially in the Summer as waits can get long.

Trains: 10/10

The trains are very comfortable. The restraints were upgraded a few years ago and the ride is much more comfortable!

Smoothness: 9/10

The ride in my opinion with my experiences on the ride is very smooth. At times you can get a little roughness or a rattle due to the speed and how intense it is, but overall, very good.

Final Score: 93/100 = A = Awesome


2 thoughts on “Maverick at Cedar Point March 2018 Review

  1. Maverick is one of the bucket list coasters for me. It looks like a great ride. Hey Brandon, what are your biggest bucket list coasters? For me, my top two would be Helix and Flying Dinosaur. I doubt if I’ll ever get to ride them though because of where they are.

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    1. It is an awesome ride! My biggest bucket list coasters are Flying Dinosaur, Gravity Max, and Hollywood Dream! These are located pretty far way though, so I probably won’t ever ride them just like your list. Thanks for reading!


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