Carowinds Season Passholder Preview Night 2018 Trip Report!

I took a day off from school and headed to Carowinds! After waking up at 7 a.m. we headed to the car and drove for nine hours. The traffic was pretty good, but an accident in North Carolina added thirty-minutes to the route.

One we arrived at 4 p.m. we unloaded everything and of course, I had to get that cool room tour of our hotel room for my vlog on YouTube!

Our room happened to be 325 which I thought was cool since Fury 325 is my favorite roller coaster!

We stopped at the Wendy’s next to our hotel (Comfort Inn at Carowinds) which was INSANELY CROWDED. Everyone was stopping before heading to Carowinds.

I got in around 6:15 p.m. which was way better than when we went to Cedar Point Passholder Preview Nights the line was 30-45 minutes.

I rode the Fury 325, an amazing first roller coaster of 2018! Then, Hurler was my first wooden roller coaster of 2018!

I checked out the kids area and disappointingly The Carolina Cobras and the Carolina Goldrusher were both closed.

I rode the Carolina Cyclone, grabbed a drink from the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine with our Cedar Fair Season Pass Drink Plan!

I headed in the line for the Intimidator, my second favorite roller coaster at the park!

I then rode the Kiddy Hawk for the credit which had an outrageous wait. Longer than Fury 325’s wait.

To end the night off, I got a night ride on Fury 325!

I think the night went pretty well and I enjoyed it very much!

Thank you for reading and make sure to stay tuned for many more Carowinds articles coming soon!


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