Carowinds Opening Sunday 2018 Trip Report!

I got up early to jumpstart my day with a waffle, pancakes, hash browns, sausages, eggs, a muffin, cranberry, and apple juice!

Upon arriving at Carowinds, I already knew Fury 325, Intimidator, Nighthawk, Carolina Goldrusher, and The Flying Cobras were closed until temperatures increased.

My first ride was the Rock n’ Roller which I enjoyed! It’s like a carnival musical ride that has small bumps!

Carolina Cyclone was the next ride that I approached and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did when I road it on the Season Passholder Preview Night. It was more rough and unenjoyable but I think I either got a good ride on it last time or a bad ride on it this time. I am not sure since this ride was a new coaster credit for me.

I then hopped on the Ricochet and I really enjoyed the turns and small drops!

After, I rode the Drop Tower twice and the Hurler as well! I enjoyed both and I thought they were a fun ride!

My final ride before I headed to lunch was a new coaster credit for me, The Flying Cobras! I enjoyed this ride but I wasn’t a fan of the backward portion of the ride as it was uncomfortable and not 100% enjoyable, which brought down the score I gave for this ride.

I grabbed a Starbucks (Vanilla Bean Frappuccino) and headed to lunch!

I had a late lunch (around 3:00 p.m.) at the Cracker Barrel and had the same thing I had on Opening Day, the Apple BBQ Chicken Breast with a side mixed greens salad with ranch, and my other side of green beans! I enjoyed my meal as always!

Once I came back from Cracker Barrel I decided to explore the park so I spent an hour checking out gift shops and exploring the park to take photos for my upcoming Sights at Carowinds blog post!

After, I rode the Fury 325 which was annoying that only one train was operating and there were around 300 people in line, but later on, there was no line.

I rode the Intimidator and had a great ride on it! I then rode the Ricochet a few times!

I rode the Fury 325 4 times and then got a sweatshirt of it with the logo on it to keep as a souvenir from this trip!

My final ride was Intimidator which I re-rode 3 times and then Fury 325 which I rode 2 times!

I really enjoyed this trip and had a great time! I hope to go back to Carowinds in the future!

Also, today I am announcing that I am going back to my old post schedule! Expect posts any day, any time! Since the coaster season is gradually starting, this allows for more flexibility between visiting parks!


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