Sights of Carowinds! – March 2018

Today I am sharing all of the photos I took while at Carowinds on my Spring Break Trip 2018! Enjoy!


The entrance sign that greets you to the park all day!


Fury 325, an amazing B&M Giga coaster that opened in 2015! It was voted the Best Steel Coaster in the World by Golden Ticket Awards in 2016 and 2017! It was also voted Best New Ride in 2015!

Carowinds is situated in both of the Carolina’s! The left half of the park is in Fort Mill, South Carolina and the right half of the park is in Charlotte, North Carolina! The park is named Carowinds because it is “Where The Carolina’s Come Together” and where it is very windy.

The Carolina Cyclone, a corkscrew roller coaster at Carowinds!

A nice scenic pond you can pass by while walking near the Hurler and Fury 325!

A postcard that you can take a photo of with the pretty flowers and grass and sent it to anyone you want!


The Intimidator, a B&M hyper coaster at Carowinds themed to former race car driver Dale Earnhardt!

A scenic photo with a pond, Snoopy boat, and three of Intimidator’s airtime hills in the background!

The Carowinds boardwalk with the Pier 73 and the lighthouse!


Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, where you will evict ghosts using laser blasters and compete with the other person in your car!


Ricochet, a very fun wild mouse coaster at Carowinds that will turn you intensely and give you the adrenaline you will fall off the ride! It also has some rapid dips, making it a very fun family ride!


Afterburn, Carowinds’ great B&M inverted coaster that provides a thrilling ride with tons of twists and inversions!

A place where during the summer a pie eating contest activity is hosted where you can win you select prizes at the park, such as a Season Pass for the next year!

Vortex, a stand-up B&M coaster at Carowinds!

Pretty Carowinds landscaping with Carolina Cyclone in the background!

Carolina Goldrusher, a mine coaster at Carowinds that has tons of turns and drops making it a perfect family ride!


The Character Carousel where you can choose a horse character which has a name!


The Hurler, a smooth wooden coaster at Carowinds that has fun drops and turns, and even a few airtime hills!


The Flying Cobras, a steel Vekoma boomerang coaster that ascends riders up a lift hill and releases them through a cobra roll and a loop! Then, you ascend up another lift hill next to the other one and are released, but you are backward because of the ride cycle!

DSCN3264.JPGThe Juke Box Diner with Hurler in the background!


Rock ‘n Roller, a carnival ride that takes you round-and-round small bumps!

I hope you enjoyed the sights you got to see of Carowinds! I really enjoyed taking these, especially finding the best spot to take them! Let me know what you thought of them!


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