Carowinds March 2018 – My Thoughts

Today I am giving My Thoughts on Carowinds March 2018! I am giving my full opinions and reflection from visiting the park. This is basically a review but without any categories.

Carowinds in my opinion, a great park, and is very unique.

My favorite roller coasters at the park are Fury 325, Intimidator, and Afterburn!

I like the park a lot but I do not like the layout of the park. I just don’t like how it is kind of like one small pathway and then branches off to another area. I think it is too closed in.

The food at the park is very good and the employees are very friendly. They are also time efficient. At all of the rides except kid rides, the employees are super quick and get you on the ride as soon as they can!

The park is very clean, especially the restrooms, compared to some other Cedar Fair parks!

In my perspective, I think the shows are very well done and have a good amount of planning!

The park definitely needs more family rides but has a surplus of kids’ rides.

They have 3 roller coasters for kids which rank in an order for me, in my opinion:

Wilderness Run – Ages 2 to 4

Kiddy Hawk – Ages 3 to 5

Woodstock Express: Ages 6 to 8

I think that is the appropriate age groups for each ride. They are all great starter rides but move up on the chart. Then, advance to even bigger roller coasters!

I really like the kids’ area and I think it has great activities for children. Not only does it have rides, but, it also has a playground for children to enjoy.

The park also has Peanuts characters roaming around the area greeting children.

One thing I love about the park is the Carowinds Skytower! This provides a great panoramic 360-degree view of the park! I think it is cool for guests to be able to get this view and at the same time be able to learn more about the park.

Another thing that I enjoy about this park is that there are clear boarding instructions for the rides. At other Cedar Fair parks, you cannot understand what the operator is saying. This also informs more guests of the park’s procedures.

The park also has a lot of shade and areas to take shelter if needed during a storm.

The park is kept up well with maintenance, as everything looks repaired and clean!

I really like this park and if you are coming or live near, you should check out Carowinds! You’ll be glad you did!



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