Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point has Pacing Issues? – My Thoughts

Cedar Point released a 10-second video in March showing Cedar Point’s newest roller coaster for 2018.

The video contained the lift hill that ascends to 205-feet, the 90-degree drop, the small ejector airtime hill, and half of the overbanked turn.

Various people have been saying that the ride has pacing issues.

Despite this claim, with full confidence, this is not true.

First off, it was 40 degrees when the ride was testing, and we all know rides need to warm up. If the ride was way colder than the summer, it is going to run a bit slow. As for the consistency of the speed, with my observation, there were pacing issues.

Furthermore, that was the first test run on the ride. The ride has to warm up and get tested to run at full capacity.

Afterwards, people posted a video to Facebook showing the ride, and it was later reposted to YouTube:

The ride was hauling with a consistent speed throughout the ride.

Therefore, for those who think that the ride has “pacing” issues, it doesn’t and is clear it doesn’t.

If you’re still not convinced, you’ll have to wait until the ride opens to see for yourself, but seriously, just because Steel Vengeance is the best ride of 2018 it will not change the fact of people’s opinions of it.


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