Should You Visit Carowinds? – Debate

Should you visit Carowinds? This is a question you may be asking yourself.

First of all, Carowinds is a Cedar Fair park just like Kings Island, Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, and others alike.

Carowinds is located in Charlotte, North Carolina making it a perfect trip to stop at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia on the way.

Carowinds has 3 majorly known roller coasters:

Fury 325, a B&M Giga coaster

Intimidator, a B&M Hyper coaster

Afterburn, a B&M Invert

All rides are among the top rated in the park.

Carowinds also has an amazing children’s area, Camp Snoopy!

The park has 6 new attractions coming this year and new this year, the Pre-K Pass. Anyone ages 3-5 can receive this free pass and get free admission to the park and water park!

The park also has great food and dining options as well as great hotels near the park!

The park also has great shows in the Summer that are some of the best Cedar Fair shows I have ever seen!

Although the park doesn’t have a ton of amazing roller coasters, the park is very unique.

Carowinds also has some great thrill rides and

2 thoughts on “Should You Visit Carowinds? – Debate

  1. I highly recommend Carowinds as well. It is a great park. I may fuss about their coaster line up after the top 3 coasters but, to be honest, the other coasters are about as good as other parks non top 3 coasters (excluding Cedar Point of course). I like the flat layout of Carowinds. Six Flags Over Georgia (my home park) is very hilly and just walking the park will give you a good workout. I find Carowinds lets me save some of my energy because I’m not exhausting myself during the day from walking. When you’ve had six knee operations, this is pretty important. Carowinds has decent food options. Not great, but not bad either. It just doesn’t compare to a park like Dollywood (but I don’t think any park does food better than Dollywood). I always eat at Carowinds when I go and the food has always been pretty good. Back to coasters, I love Afterburn, Intimidator, and Fury 325. These are the shining stars of the park. These 3 coasters are reason enough to visit Carowinds. If they added a couple more really good coasters, Carowinds could be a top 3 park in the US. I always have a blast at Carowinds and I would recommend this park to anyone.

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    1. I do as well enjoy Carowinds. I definitely would like a better lineup at their park, but it isn’t that bad. Yes, Six Flags Over Georgia is definitely a workout walking around that park. That’s too bad you had to have knee operations, it’s good you’re okay now. I do like Carowinds food options, but when compared to Dollywood, it is so much better. Dollywood has the best food without a doubt. Those are my favorite coasters at the park, as well. Fury 325 is my favorite, followed by Intimidator, and then Afterburn! I really like Carowinds and highly recommend it, especially for families. Though for thrill seekers, it doesn’t compare to Cedar Point or Dollywood. I also find Kings Island to be better in my opinion. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me!


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