What Are Home Parks?

Today is a discussion for Home Parks. Many people have an idea of what this means but they don’t know the standard requirements to determine a park, a home park.

A home park is the park that is closest to your location and the park you go to the most.

A misconception is that you can’t have two home parks, but that is not the case.

However if you live in two locations, you must visit the park a lot to call it your home park.

How much you visit a park to be considered your home park, is based on your standards.

Personally, I would say you must visit the park at least twice a month during the operating season of the park.

Some people will argue and say that they live in Pennsylvania but the closest park to them is Kings Island.

That is perfectly fine, however, you must visit the park often. Obviously not as often as twice a month, but if you don’t visit it often, it is now considered your Nearest Park.

Some people do not have a Home Park, and that is unfortunate for them.

You cannot have two home parks for one location. For example, if someone lives in the middle of Ohio and they are close to Cedar Point and Kings Island they can determine their home park. Whichever park is closer and you visit most is your home park. If each park is the same, then it’s a Dual Home Park.

This is not very common, but it can happen in some cases for people.

Home Parks are the parks people pay the most attention too because they visit it the most.

In some extreme cases, someone can have no Home Park or Nearest Park.

That can happen if you live so far away from a park, you only visit once a year.

I hope this cleared up the misconceptions about Home Parks and how they are determined. Questions? Leave a comment below or Contact Me.


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