Raptor at Cedar Point April 2018 Review

Raptor, some people’s favorite inverted coaster or top coasters out of all of the other ones. Personally, like some others, my liking of this coaster has declined a lot. I only rode it one time in 2017, at CoasterMania! In this review, I will be sharing my thoughts on it through ten different categories and then be totaling up the points too one-hundred.

Height: 10/10

Honestly, I am perfectly fine with the height. It isn’t too tall or short and it is a good start to the ride.

Drop: 7/10

The drop is very fun but I don’t really like how you are forced into it. It is rough and isn’t very pleasant to experience.

Speed: 6/10

The speed is WAY TOO FAST for this ride. Maybe 50-53 miles per hour, but not 57 miles per hour. It is too fast and then you are slammed into the brakes for a very unpleasant stop on the ride.

Inversions: 8/10

The inversions are pretty good. They are rough and can give you a headache. Especially the cobra roll and the inversion right before the end of the ride.

Length: 10/10

I think the length is good for this ride. It is a nice, long ride. It expands farther which is also a plus.

Duration: 10/10

The duration is good for this ride. It isn’t too long, or too short.

Capacity: 9/10

The capacity is good for this ride but lines still are 1-2 hours always for this ride.

Operations: 5/10

Operations are very slow. The operators don’t care too be quick and efficient too move lines.

Trains: 6/10

I like the train’s design but I do not like the restraints at all.

Smoothness: 4/10

The ride is not very smooth and is not very comfortable to ride.

Final Score: 75/100 = C = Okay


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