Corkscrew at Cedar Point April 2018 Review

Honestly, I can say just as a heads up. This will be one of the reviews I have done that you will see an awful score for. I haven’t ridden this since 2015, and even though it’s a classic, I think it should be demolished. I am all for classics, but for a ride like this….. YIKES!…. and no.

Height: 5/10

The height is very small for this ride, it should be at least 30 feet taller. Also, it takes so long to reach the top of the lift hill.

Drop: 4/10

The drop has a very small angle of descent and it causes the drop to feel like you’re being pushed to stay straight going down. On top of that, the drop is rough.

Speed: 7/10

The speed of this ride is okay. It’s not horrible, but, it just isn’t an ideal speed.

Inversions: 1/10

The inversions are horrible. They are rough and un-enjoyable. This is the main reason I stay away from the ride.

Length: 5/10

The length is short and boring with not very good elements.

Duration: 7/10

The duration is pretty short for this ride.

Capacity: 6/10

The capacity of this ride is okay, but not the best. It also could be better as lines get long for some reason on this ride during the summer.

Operations: 6/10

Operations are extremely slow. The operators don’t care too be quick and efficient too move lines.

Trains: 6/10

I don’t like the train design and the restraints are rough.

Smoothness: 2/10

The ride is not very smooth AT ALL and is a horrible ride.

Final Score: 50/100 = F = Awful


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