Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point – The Wildest Hybrid Coaster

Since Steel Vengeance is opening very soon to the general public, and for some, they have already ridden it. I am very excited for the ride and according to things I have read, it is a very good ride.

Anyways, I will be sharing the stats of the ride as well as the world records that the ride broke when it opened! Enjoy!

First of all, if you didn’t already know this, Steel Vengeance is brand-new for 2018. To give you more information on the remodel of Mean Streak, read more. Mean Streak, an old 1991 wooden coaster, was very unpopular and popularity decreased in the 2000s. People wanted RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) to re-do the ride.

When RMC redoes rides, they take the track off and replace it with Steel Hybrid track. They also remove some of the supports and add supports or replace wood. The reasoning behind this is so then they can create a new ride structure. Inversions are also included in this ride.

People badly wanted this, and it finally happened. Cedar Point had been planning it since 2016, the year that Valravn came out. The ride looks amazing and has some pretty sweet stats! It also helps, though, that the Mean Streak was a large wooden coaster. This made the ride easier to work with and make it grand.

The ride is themed to three vengeance outcasts. To learn more about them, watch the quick trailer video below:

The ride is 205-feet tall. The ride has an incredible 90-degree drop of 200 feet! The top speed of the ride is 74 miles per hour, but it varies during the ride. The ride has 4 inversions.

The airtime is the best part of the ride. There are 27.2 seconds of airtime, the most on any coaster in the world! For coaster enthusiasts, people were blown away by the ride. That can be very hard to please as people have high demands.

The ride has a length of 5,740 feet which is very massive! The ride lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Less than Mean Streak, but for the fast speeds and excitement, it is commendable. There are three trains for this ride. One for Black Jack, Wild One, and Digger! The design of the train is very cool.

One of the unusual things about this ride compared to most other types of coasters, is that it has a lab bar instead of a shoulder harness. It is perfectly safe as new technology allows this kind of safety mechanism to give you good airtime. It also will lock tighter and push you into your seat, so you don’t fall out.

Cedar Point has raised the height requirement from 48 inches to 52 inches, but honestly, who was surprised. I really didn’t think that 48 inches were enough for no shoulder harness. Now, if there was a shoulder harness, maybe it would be different.

There are 24 riders per train, with 12 rows of 2, with a total of 1,200 riders per hour. The riders per hour are the capacity and are how much the ride can complete in one hour, not how much it will complete. That is a misconception for some people of the general public, so I wanted to clear it up for everyone.

The records broken from this ride are listed below:

Coaster Records Broken

1. World’s tallest hybrid roller coaster (205 feet tall)
2. World’s fastest hybrid roller coaster (74 miles per hour)
3. World’s steepest drop on a hybrid roller coaster (90 degrees)
4. World’s longest drop on a hybrid roller coaster (200 feet)
5. World’s longest hybrid roller coaster (5,740 feet)
6. Most inversions on a hybrid roller coaster (4)
7. Fastest airtime hill on a hybrid roller coaster (73 mph)
8. Most airtime on a hybrid roller coaster (27.2 seconds)
9. Most airtime on any roller coaster (27.2 seconds)
10. World’s first “hyper-hybrid” roller coaster

Park Records Broken

1. Most steel roller coaster track at one amusement park (57,865 feet/11 miles)
2. Most roller coaster track at one amusement park (60,423 feet/11.4 miles)
3. Most rides at one amusement park (71)
4. Most roller coasters over 200 feet tall at one amusement park (6)
5. Most roller coasters with the first drop of 90 degrees or more at one amusement park (5)

To see the real ride in action, the official POV is below from Cedar Point:

If you were wondering, I did notice the extra minute of frames from the video. I have two things to say. Number 1 is Cedar Point: proofread your video. Steel Vengeance will be one of your most watched videos. Number 2: the reason this probably happened is audio or video was added after the video. It is an easy thing to miss, though, I have never done it myself.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Steel Vengeance! I will be riding it Wednesday, May 2nd for the Passholder FrontierTown Hoedown! Hopefully, it is nice weather!


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