Passholder FrontierTown Hootenanny Trip Report/Event Review – May 2nd, 2018

I was very excited to hear it wasn’t going to rain when I got to the park!

I got all ready for the park and all the rides were open when I got there.

First off, Steel Vengeance was a disaster. It opened, closed, tested once every 20 minutes. Then, it was open for 10 minutes and closed again.

I did get to ride the Maverick and Skyhawk!

I tried the Brownie Bandit Vengeance Shake without bacon and I enjoyed it!

I also got to try the Smokehouse Sidewinder and Loaded Sidewinder at Sidewinder Sues! I thought the Smokehouse Sidewinder was better though.

They also offered the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine so you could get a drink which was a nice addition!

The Buffalo Wings and Pizza at the Wagon Wheel were okay. The pizza was burnt and the buffalo wings were average. Not as good as the ones at Chuckies and Pete’s at the front of the park, of course.

Steel Vengeance finally opened and it broke down again. Honestly, Steel Vengeance was a total mess. It opened and closed constantly and wasn’t open consistently so I could ride it.

I will ride it on opening day, though. I was definitely disappointed because it shouldn’t take 5 hours to fix a mechanical issue. Especially since it opened for 10 minutes and then closed again.

I definitely did have a good time at the event and I got some Steel Vengeance footage and photos when it was testing when I was in line. I was in line for about 3 hours and didn’t get to ride it.

Event Review: 8/10

I did enjoy the event but the food could have been sightly better and I think that the ride selection could have been better. Overall, though, it was a good event!


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