Steel Vengeance Has Major Problems as the Trains Collided

Steel Vengeance is an amazing ride for those who have ridden it, but it has faced many problems already.

The ride has problems with sensors and controls and that has caused the ride to close down on private events and on the first public operating day of the season, two trains collided.

The one train was in the station about to dispatch and the other one was on the final brake run. The two trains bumped each other. Either there was a problem with the sensor or the brakes.

No one was injured in this incident, however, some people requested an evaluation as the ambulance came to the scene. The train was going around five miles per hour, but some people got whiplash from the experience.

Cedar Point handled the situation 90% well in my opinion. They made sure everyone felt okay and if they wanted an evaluation they could request one. They also gave them a Fast Lane Plus Pass and an All-Day Meal Plan to make up for the incident.

For people in line, everyone got a voucher to ride any ride during the season except Steel Vengeance. This is the ten percent they didn’t handle correctly. That’s the ride people were waiting for and they should be able to get an immediate boarding pass for it. Especially for waiting 5 hours.

The ride later reopened and the cause of the incident has not been publicized. Cedar Point didn’t have very much information to give us, but something to know is the cause has been determined and addressed.

It was very minor as the ride reopened later in the day.

This definitely isn’t good publicity for the park, especially on opening weekend.

The season has been on a bumpy path for the start this year. Many rides are closed and the park is unusually unstaffed way more than previous years. The star ride, Steel Vengeance has had lots of mechanical issues and an incident on it’s first public operating day.


2 thoughts on “Steel Vengeance Has Major Problems as the Trains Collided

  1. Why Cedar Fair hypes their product so much and then is mute about problems really damages their credibility with me. They love to brag, but squash any sort of criticism or accountability. Their reliance on fanboys and season/fast pass upsells is creating a real divide that you can feel while waiting in ride queues.

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    1. That is very true. They need to be more open when sources talk about problems. Especially their responses are vague, or often they give no response. You can definitely feel the divide between the credibility and the sales.


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