Riding Steel Vengeance for the First Time – My Thoughts

I rode Steel Vengeance for my first time on Friday, May 11th, 2018 in the 10th row! I will be sharing my thoughts of the ride!

The wait was around 30 minutes for a full-capacity operation. Since only one train is operating, the wait was longer. I waited around 1 1/2 hours but it was worth it!

First off, right out of the station there are 2 bunny hills which are pretty fun actually! The lift hill is 205-feet tall and it takes around 20 seconds to reach the top. The drop is insane! It is a 200-foot drop at a 90 degree angle! The first airtime hill is fun and then the overbanked turn is crazy as well as the other overbanked turn where your position is banked.

The first and second inversions are very awesome, but I liked the third and fourth better as they came as a surprise.

The airtime on the ride is phenomenal and you are out of your seat even more than 27.2 seconds! The ride was very well designed and turned a really bad, old wooden coaster into an amazing RMC-Hybrid coaster!

Steel Vengeance was the best investment Cedar Point could have made! Every single element and component you want in roller coasters are all combined into this one coaster!

I am proud to say that Steel Vengeance has beaten Maverick as the best coaster at Cedar Point and Fury 325 as my favorite coaster in the world!

Do I think it will win the best coaster this year for the Golden Ticket Awards? Maybe. If a lot of judges and voters ride it than yes, but normally, the year after it will win. Though, Steel Vengeance was an insane coaster.

I think everyone should come to Cedar Point to ride this! It is definitely worth it and you will not be let down! 100% exceeded my expectations! I can’t wait to ride it more!


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