Introducing Weekly Polls & the Coaster to Coaster Transformation!

Please Note: Weekly Polls have ended but feel free to keep reading to learn what they were and about the Coaster to Coaster Transformation that took place in May 2018!

Today I am introducing a new addition to content for Coaster to Coaster, Weekly Polls!

The polls will be at the end of a blog post or YouTube video and you will be asked to fill it out. There will not be a weekly poll every single week, it depends on when content is published.

The content of the poll will include questions for planning purposes. Including; but not limited to: video or series ideas, platform improvements, parks/rides of content interest, etc.

Please also note that since you are a reader of the blog, you will get to hear some important news early.

Coaster to Coaster is undergoing a “transformation” and all platforms with content will be updated and improved. The lack of content this month is due to that. Content is scheduled to remain and the official launch of the improvements is on Friday, June 1st. It includes announcing of new series and much, much more.

Pages have already been updated on the website and the new transformation will now include promoting all platforms and being connected on all content available.

Also note that the questions will include all social platforms for Coaster to Coaster including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and my Blog. You don’t have to participate in all platforms, but you should really be connected to my YouTube channel and blog.

I am really trying to push the connection between all platforms to get the most content out of Coaster to Coaster, because after all, all platforms are mentioned connectedly.

Please visit the page for more information about them and what data is connected by submitting them. Also be sure to take a look at the various pages on my website as they have been updated.

You can fill out the first Weekly Poll by visiting the link!

Please Note: The links that had a call-to-action from this video are no longer available as the polls have ended permanently and they were deleted.


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