Coasterstock at Kings Island 2018 Day 1 Trip Report!

I got up at 3 a.m. to come down to Kings Island for Coasterstock!

I stopped at McDonald’s for a Sausage, Egg, and Cheese sandwich!

I started off riding Banshee a few times and then rode The Bat, Adventure Express and Mystic Timbers!

After, there was a Banshee Behind-the-Scenes tour which was an opportunity to get great photos and off-ride footage of the ride!

Then I rode the Racer and then headed to the Picnic Grove near Soak City to have lunch!

The lunch was fantastic and including basic coaster food like hot dogs and cookies! I will describe more about my thoughts on the food when I publish my event review coming soon!

The guest speakers and Q&A session provided lots of information. Something we learned is that a Giga coaster is planned for the next few years. Just keep in mind that everything that coaster enthusiasts want has to be passed up to the executives for Cedar Fair based on financial circumstances to meet imperative projects for certain parks! Dinosaurs Alive will be used for haunt purposes and it is confirmed that nothing major will be happening there. That means that if the ride actually comes it will be located somewhere else. Also when the park mentioned painting Diomandback as an answer, they mentioned that it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to paint one coaster. Finances to inform people about the industry was discussed greatly, and it was needed.

Then I went back to the hotel to check-in and then came back to the park! I got to the parking lot at 2:47 p.m. and the tour started at 3 p.m.

This was a tour that at 3 p.m. they close the gates and you are no longer permitted to enter.

I sprinted into the park. Keep in mind 13 minutes to have the car parked, go through security, get through the admission plaza, and go all the way to the ride area normally would have taken 20 minutes if done slowly. But I didn’t want to miss out on the tour and luckily I made it within 4 minutes.

The Racer tour was awesome as I was able to get to tons of footage walking around the structure. You really can’t see much of the structure from inside the “park area”. I refer to that as being where the general public is permitted to go.

The Firehawk tour was awesome as I was able to get tons of Off-Ride Footage. We were only able to get 4 ride cycles and I got 3 full ride cycles and 1 broken up by shot cycle. It was good that I practiced holding the camera steady and gotten used to it. If I filmed it a year ago, it would have turned out way worse than today.

I went on the Eiffel Tower after and it was cool to look around the park!

The Diomandback tour was a good opportunity to get shots of Diomandback and a shot of Mystic Timbers’ lift hill!

I really enjoyed the tours at the park and I was glad rain was minimal, considering that the rain chance was 90% and I thought it would be steady rain. It was only a drizzle and didn’t occur throughout the entire day!

I stoped at the Festhaus and had a Chicken Finger Basket and HIC Fruit Punch as my drink! I enjoyed the fries and the chicken but the chicken wasn’t the best. Just average. The fruit punch was good as always since I like that and many others. Sidetracking, I like Root Beer, Sprite, HIC Fruit Punch, and Dr. Pepper. Not a fan of Coke or Pepsi.

After I rode the Mystic Timbers three times and then waited for the Diomandback! The Diomandback was closed for 20 minutes because there was thunder but then it reopened! I ended up riding Diomandback two times!

Next I rode the Backlot Stunt Coaster four times!

I stopped at Mystic Timbers and rode 6 times! I was lucky enough to get 4 tree monsters total the entire day! I rode Diomandback twice and the second ride there was a minor technical delay so I was stuck outside the station for 20 minutes.

Then I rode the Beast and finally the Vortex as my final rides!

I am really happy how the event turned out considering the rain forecast! I had a blast and got lots of photos and videos from the event!


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