Coasterstock at Kings Island 2018 Event Review!

Coasterstock was an amazing event and I was very impressed with the turnout and what Kings Island did to make the event possible and to run it smoothly! Also, before I start this, “We” is referring to everyone going to the event – since the pronoun, “I” does not make sense in certain sentences.

The event was on Friday, May 18th, and Saturday, May 19th! The event included ERT in the morning and night for both days, behind-the-scenes tours, and meals each day with guest speakers!

Before going to the park I already knew there was a very high forecast for rain. Luckily, that didn’t turn out as predicted and the event ran smoothly.

Kings Island had donuts and juice in the morning of Friday, May 18th. It is nice that they do that since Cedar Point doesn’t do that anymore for CoasterMania!.

The ERT on Banshee was great and I got to ride it a few times! Also ERT on the Bat, Adventure Express, Delirium, Drop Tower, and Invertigo. I decided to skip Delirium and Drop Tower since I would rather ride the coasters during ERT.

I also skipped Invertigo, since I’m not a fan of that coaster at all. The Behind-the-Scenes turned out good for Banshee and I enjoyed the opportunity of being able to get good videos and photos of the ride! (Expect a Sights article from the trip coming soon. It will most likely have 2 parts.)

Lunch was normal event food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, mashed potatoes, baked beans, cookies, and Coca-Cola soft drinks! The food was good though, as I always enjoy food at events. I liked the food, especially the mashed potatoes. I really enjoyed them! The hot dogs were good and I didn’t try a hamburger since I prefer hot dogs more, however, people said it was good. The speakers were the executive chef of the park and the GM/VP of the park! We got some hints about future rides and I really enjoyed the presentation!

The Behind-the-Scenes for Racer was by far my favorite (or the Lights-On of Flight of Fear – I really can’t decide) tour of the trip! We walked around the structure and you can’t see much of the structure from the park real good since there are fences around the entire ride structure. This is something I enjoy more than CoasterMania! are the tours.

I was able to get full Off-Ride Footage of Firehawk! We were allowed to stay for 4 ride cycles. I got full ride cycles of 3 of the rides and then I moved locations to get broken up shots of angles that could be seen better from there!

I also had a Chicken Tender basket from the Festhaus and it included fries! It was okay and I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t too bad.

The night ERT was amazing! I rode the Vortex and the Beast once! I rode Mystic Timbers and Diomandback around 10 times each! I didn’t ride the Backlot Stunt Coaster since I marathoned it 6 times before the park closed (no line at all)!

Day 1 was a success and it did drizzle for most of the day, however, that didn’t stop coaster enthusiasts from enjoying the event and riding rides! Plus, most of the rides were open which worked out well!

Day 2 was my favorite event day out of the two! I decided to skip the Story Behind our Steam Trains Tour, as I didn’t really want to go to that one. I instead got to the park for the Lights on Tour of Flight of Fear. The Racer ERT scheduling was kind of bad planning because I don’t think anyone rode it because the tour ended at almost 10 a.m. (when the ERT ended, and it started when the tour started). That is a time constraint. But I didn’t really care because the tour was awesome!

I got tons of photos and video of the Flight of Fear which it’s indoor and the only footage the GP can get is from the station and all you can see is the launch – everything else is not visible.

The Flight of Fear, Firehawk, and Zephyr ERT, again a time constraint. Next up was the Beast tour! This was an amazing tour and we got to go into the woods where the ride is to get awesome photos and videos!

This tour was by reservation, so you had to choose a time. Luckily, I choose 1 p.m. because the 2 p.m. tour and 3 p.m. tour were delayed because it started to thunderstorm then.

The dinner in the Picnic Grove was my favorite of the two meals! It included chicken/pork sandwiches, green beans, mashed potatoes, salad, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and Coca-Cola soft drinks! I really enjoyed the dinner and they did a great job!

The ERT at night was amazing! I didn’t ride the Beast, but I did ride the Woodstock Express, The Great Pumpkin Coaster, Diomandback, and Mystic Timbers around 15 times!

I skipped Boo Blasters on Boo Hill since I rode it the day before (and I’m not wasting ERT time for that) and the Beast I rode already so I decided to not ride it. Plus, it isn’t one of my absolute favorites in the park.

Overall this event was amazing! I loved the presentation and setup of the event!

Final Score: 10/10 = A = Awesome


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